Advanced Application of Excel Tools

Continuing knowledge improvement on both individual and institutional level

Continuing education contributes to the increase of company’s efficacy level. Practical application of acquired skills and advanced tools enables the creation of flexible reports designed in accordance with predefined standards. We will create environment and system equipped to recognize defects in existing reports, to create new processes in order for reporting to be reliable and informative for users. Thus we will create the basis for adequate decision making.

Individual Goals of Continuing Education

Continuing education contributes to essential increase of the level of knowledge and skills in the segment in which the participants has specialized, before all by presenting new tools, case studies and various practical examples. On the other hand, participants gain such knowledge and skills regarding the areas in which they are not specialized. This provides different perspective, shows new values and, at the end, provides comprehensive approach to the own responsibilities.

Institutional Goals of Continuing Education

Adequate integration of system’s parts is of crucial importance for its successful functioning. Continuing education is a custom-made product so it adjusts completely to the needs of system which we consider as one of the greatest values that it brings. Continuing education does not only increase the level of knowledge and skills on individual level, but integrates institutionally all sectors and their different perceptions of work. For this reason, we advise for Continuing education to be attended by participants from various sectors that work closely and are consigned to each other.

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