Advanced financial analysis

“Complex financial analysis that contains numerous useful conclusions often does not answer the question regarding the financial model of an enterprise and its actual sustainability in a long run.

Seminar integrates strategic understanding of financial management with operational tasks and practice in the domain of implementation. This issue can be approached both from the angle of beneficiaries of financial reports – management and employees, and external beneficiaries such as banks. This way, seminar integrates experiences of participants from financial and corporate sector.“

Aleksandar Vasilski
Valor Academy

About the seminar

Applying advanced financial report analysis of an enterprise, participants work on new techniques of horizontal and vertical analysis, primarily on defining simple but innovative financial ratios. The basic focus of such analysis will not be in comparing these rations to industrial ratios but, above all, to apply such ratios in order to comprehend sustainability and further development of financial models and then, consequently, the business as a whole.

Training consists of numerous and various examples from practice which represent one of its greatest values. High level of communication and interaction with participants contributes to the transfer of knowledge and experience on lecturer-participants relation.


  • Module 1 – Business model analysis
  • Module 2 – Financial analysis
  • Module 3 – Debt positioning within the total of financial sources
  • Module 4 – Business perspective
  • Module 5 – Tools for business models analysis

Seminar is designed for

Banking sector:

  • Corporate Business Departments (Corporate, Micro) – AM, RM
  • Risk Departments and Credit Analysis Departments (Corporate, Micro)
  • Internal Auditing
  • Workout Department

Information about the seminar

Address: Kneza Mihaila 9, Beograd

Training duration: 09:00 - 16:00

  • I work in Risk Division of Sparkasse Bank in Macedonia and I attended the education seminar organized by Valor Education expert team twice. I would like to emphasize that practical approach implemented on the training is something that makes Valor Education differentiate qualitatively from the rest of educators (as top of the top). This approach enables us, participants, to acquire enough knowledge from various practical examples (case by case) that consequently helps us to solve every day challenges and dilemmas easily. In my business, the most important thing is to have the answers on questions: how to identify business model of respective client; is the bank able to fit that model and to what extent should the bank take requested deal. The course was very helpful in providing the answers to these questions by identifying the real financial needs and sources that can be used for this purpose; what is the current financial structure and, most importantly, what is our aspiration as creditors - where do we want to position ourselves. During the course, I managed to overcome numerous topics and I consolidated and refreshed my already existing knowledge. I feel very satisfied for being able to continue to implement it in every day practice.
    Zlatica Civkaroski Head of Workout and Foreclosed Assets Management Department
  • Aleksandar Vasilski explains simply and effectively the tools used for fast solvency assessment of an enterprise as well as potential credit risks. Business model assessment as the first step in solvency assessment of an enterprise enables the analyst to spot the trends in the business model of the enterprise in question. Business model upgraded with financial and non financial information as well as with collateral analysis represents the quality basis for business decision making and assessment of client’s credit risk. This training is rich in examples from the practice that increase its quality. As such, I recommend this training to credit analysts and members of credit boards because it provides quality tools for improvement of decision making process.
    Slobodan Ćurčić Deputy Director of Branch Kraljevo
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