Aleksandar Vasilski

CEO, Valor Academy

During my professional engagement in the banking sector, I experienced numerous challenges with corporate sector. The most difficult ones resulted from low transparency of clients’ business, limited information and plan that were mostly short-term, even daily, lacking clear strategy and vision.

Now, when I am engaged in corporate sector, I encounter challenges with banks. The reasons are the lack of transparency and great unpredictability. It happens frequently that banks credit their clients with very convenient conditions and significant funding and do not actually have strategy to develop and sustain these partnerships.

Common to both sectors, caused by different types of experiences, is the lack of transparency and long-term business plans. And the highest risk appears to be resulting from these two problems.

I used to work with clients that had high level of transparency supported by continuous and consistent reporting. Those clients also had clearly defined strategies and we were always sure of the direction in which development was going, even when things did not quite go as planned. This kind of credit risk was not negligible, but it was easy to manage and therefore predictable.

It is in this niche market that I have found inspiration. The mission of defining, implementing and following long-term business models is what motivates me all over again.


Aleksandar Vasilski graduated from Grenoble Graduate School of Business. He started his banking career in Raiffeisen Bank, and afterward continued it in Erste Bank where he spent 7 years as Head of Risk Management for Corporate Clients Department. In June 2013, he founded Valor Group Ltd, company for financial consulting and professional education for finance and corporate sector.

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