Aleksandra Radić

Member of Managing Board, CRO
Sparkasse Bank Makedonija ad Skopje

In my humble opinion, the key to success in any sphere of life lies in the concepts of responsibility, commitment and engagement. Why? Well, the answer is very simple: because they lead to action driven by emotions. Even though it may seem strange that someone who has been working in the field of risk management for over a decade discusses emotions, I believe that they are the key factor that runs the world and makes a difference - both in private and professional life.

The application of these concepts in the domain of banking can be defined as responsible banking. A responsible banker is a financial intermediary between those who have surplus and those with deficit, whose role is to protect both sides, as well as him self, by taking an active part in this relationship and successfully managing risk that he can predict and understand. Such type of banking can be compared to a network organization that demands trust, knowledge sharing, involvement, and general sense of responsibility for everything defined. In such an environment, everyone makes profit, has a sense of responsibility and is ready to be proactive.  I believe that all above said does not sound utopian and that responsible banking can create new values.

Glossary of key terms
Engagement – participation, giving, taking, sharing, action, achievement of results
Responsibility – commitment, awareness, obligation, task, control, power, authority, accepting consequences


Aleksandra Radić graduated from the Faculty of Management, University of Braća Karić in 1998. She earned her MBA degree in the USA at Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh.

She has been working in the field of banking for 14 years. She gained her first working experience at Zepter bank, where she successfully cooperated with KFW and EIB on promoting SME crediting. Afterwards, she worked for 4 years at Volksbank, developing risk management.  Since 2007, she had been working for Erste Group. She was Head of Risk Management Division at Erste Bank Serbia where she set up, developed and managed full-fledged modern risk management division responsible for both transaction credit risk management and strategic risk management and as well as work out management. In October 2011, she joined the top management team of Sparkasse Bank in Macedonia, as a member of Managing Board and CRO. She has extensive experience in assessment and management of all types of risk.

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