Aleksandra Vasin

Head of Retail Risk Sector
Credit Agricole Srbija

Maintaining the satisfactory level of placement while adequately making assessment of credit risk with prompt reaction on market changes caused by macro-economic factors, is the key challenge in credit risk management in all segments, especially in retail.
Retail crediting demands completely different approach in risk management because it involves mass production where detailed analysis of individual requests represent “luxury” that we can afford ourselves only when it is about housing loan or some unusual loan request from important clients of bank. Because with Retail we don’t have Income Statements and Balance Sheets in their classic sense, challenge of adequate assessment of creditworthy client is huge. We have to make decision based on limited, often declarative and hardly verifiable data. Situation, in which decision should be made in 15 minutes, as it can be seen often in banks’ advertisements on the market, and acceptable risk must be on the minimal level, makes the challenge border with “believe it or not”.
It is possible to create credit policy so that it meets demands of both market and bank. In order to do so it is necessary to make an objective overview of existing bank portfolio. The way the portfolio analysis should be done, the choice of criteria that divide “bad” from “good” clients and avoiding “the trap” of subjectivity and generalization are the key factors of retail credit portfolio success.

Retail credit risk assessment is what I do. This job brings me satisfaction, despite of all challenges or thanks to them. The fact you constantly discover new methods, tools and knowledge in general, makes this job very interesting. Various very surprising examples from practice protect you from monotony. All of these and much more have influenced my decision to devote myself to this business segment and to find the right formula for credit risk and placement volume ratio.


Aleksandra graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. She has been working in banking sector for ten years, seven of them on managing positions in Risk Division of Crédit Agricole Bank in Serbia. She was the Head of Credit Control and Administration Division in charge of harmonization of internal acts which regulate the process of bank portfolio classification with regulations. Currently, she is the Head of Retail Risk Division in Crédit Agricole Bank in Serbia.

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