Antonija Perković Prpa


In early 2002. when I heard about Basel II, I spent hours on the internet looking for an explanation that was not travel article about the city of Basel. At that time I haven’t thought that twelve years later I would produce thousands of pages of processed regulations, hundreds of project meetings, dozens of meetings with regulators... Today we, risk pioneers, that passed all this at the same time when the most advanced banking systems did, look at this path with pleasure and pride.
Strategic risk management is sometimes thankless task, as it represents the extended supervisory arm in the daily risk management. An important step was taken in the banking sector resulting the evolution of the bank management from a purely profit-oriented to the one risk oriented as well, accepting the fact that long term risk management actually represents profit management.

Risk management united my love to analysis that I have sharpened solving many engineering tasks at the first university and the love for finances for which I enrolled the second university. Over the years, transferring my knowledge and experience to many people, I realized that this is the third area in which I find myself, so I am now consultant and trainer in the field of banking and finance.


Antonija Perković Prpa graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb in 1996, and successively graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the same University. Her professional career began in the information and organization sectors in the Privredna banka Zagreb.

She started to engage herself in Strategic risk management in 2001 at Volksbank, building risk management/risk control sector from the very beginning. Shortly after, she became Head of the sector, developing at the same time her expertise in the area of Basel regulations. She is one of the developers of the Risk Management Committee of the Croatian Association of Banks, which is an active partner of the Croatian National Bank in regulatory issues related to risk management.
Since 2011, she works as an independent consultant in the areas of finances and banking, with emphasis on risk management.

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