Business simulation

Research shows that people learn best by doing and application and that is why we use the web-based simulation for development of a business skills and knowledge in a competitive environment that is realistic but also liberated risk.

Characteristics of Business Simulation:

  • Working in teams
  • Competition in a dynamic business environment
  • Business theory becomes real life
  • Acquiring strategic perspective
  • Understanding the impact of our business decisions
  • Understanding the impact of business decisions made by team members and competition

We are able to offer Cesim Bank Management simulation of banking and financial business.

What is Cesim Bank Management simulation?

Through Cesim  Bank Management Simulation participants acquire knowledge of bank’s front and back office functions, as well as essential understanding of their interactions and connections and all that within competitive business environment – business markets. This way, bank business simulation contributes to creating a corporate culture that is based on a holistic approach – understanding organization as a whole.

 Participants are in role of bank managers, they are responsible for customers, lending and financing, front and back office functions, deposits, mortgages and different types of investments. Participants have responsibility to run a bank in one geographical market. In addition to management of business functions, they have regulators to report to and capital markets to raise financing from, provided that they are pleased with the way the bank is managed.



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