Credit Approval Process for Corporate Clients

Continuing knowledge improvement on both individual and institutional level

The program “Credit Approval Process for Corporate Clients” represents the comprehensive approach to skills and processes that aim to improve knowledge and competences of participants in the domain of understanding the credit process within the bank. Credit business in a bank is aiming for client to get adequate credit product. Nevertheless, the parties of this process have various operational goals, tools, time frames, budget pressures – and these are all some of the factors that affects the process not to be adequately synchronized and not to aim to the common goal.

The goal of Continuing education is to increase individual value of participants in the context of their knowledge and understanding of processes. In addition, to integrate such values in unique and functional entity so the whole mechanism could become highly operative and successful.

Individual Goals of Continuing Education

Continuing education contributes to essential increase of the level of knowledge and skills in the segment in which the participants has specialized, before all by presenting new tools, case studies and various practical examples. On the other hand, participants gain such knowledge and skills regarding the areas in which they are not specialized but that will provide different perspective, show new values and, at the end, will provide comprehensive approach to the process as an entity.

Institutional Goals of Continuing Education

Adequate integration of system’s parts is of crucial importance for its successful functioning. Continuing education is a custom-made product and it adjusts completely to the needs of one system. This is one of the exceptional values because Continuing approach to education does not only increase the level of knowledge and skills on individual level, but integrates institutionally all sectors and their different perceptions of work. For this reason, we advise for Continuing education to be attended by participants from various sectors within credit process.

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