Damir Ivaštinović

Head of Risk Management Division
Sparkasse Bank Macedonija

Over the past eight years spent in Steiermaerkische Sparkasse Group, I have had an opportunity to participate in the creation of international network of financial institutions. I have contributed, holding different positions, to development of group, improvement and adjustment to market circumstances, turbulences of financial downturn and regulatory changes. But most challenging, I have had an opportunity to contribute to intergroup evolution over the last several years.

Whether it is about engagement in the bank, leasing company or investment fund, the same two questions have played the key role in my everyday job: to whom to approve which type of credit and under which terms; and how to manage to collect most effectively the funds when things go wrong.

In order to answer the first question properly it is important to recognize and understand, at the first palace, strategic orientation of an enterprise and its business model, and then to assess the volume and sustainability of future cash flow that can be generated in the years to come. If we determine the right maturity structure of credit products, we are on the right way to make the right credit decision. And more often we make such right decision, rarely we have to think of the right answer to the second question.


Damir Ivaštinović graduated from the Faculty of Law and then post graduated in the field of international corporate and financial law from Karl Francens University in Graz.

After three years of scientific work at the University, he has spent the last eight years in Steiermaerkische Bank und Sparkassen AG, working on various managing, supervising and consulting position in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia. Currently, he lives in Skopje, Macedonia and works as the Head of Risk Division in Sparkasse Bank Macedonia a.d. Skopje. He is the Member of Supervisory Board of S-Leasing d.o.o. Skopje.

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