Debt structuring


“Practice has shown that the proper structuring of assets is of great importance for achieving business success. An accurate definition of business needs both in current fiscal year and medium-term perspective, is the foundation for making a good structure of the financial debt. It is of utmost importance to define adequate funding sources, and when creating the debt structure to respect two principles: the principle of adequate structure (in terms of product type and maturity) and the principle of adequate repayment capacity for the defined structure

Petar Tomic
Valor Akademija

About the seminar

The primary principle to properly define and develop the financial debt is to define the needs that include definition of fixed and current assets, on short-term basis, and through a long-term period. After the needs are defined we can proceed to structure the rate of own capital and the one borrowed respecting the principles of stability, but also the principles of profitability (ROE above all). Last but not least, adequate structure of funding sources must comply with the repayment capacity of enterprises in order maintain cash flow strong enough to service obligations on medium and long term.

One of the key components for true partnership between Bank and Client is to understand and respect business models as well as adequate and proactive communication, that will be particularly processed during the training.


  • Module 1 - Analysis and planning of needs (analysis and planning of assets)
  • Module 2 - Analysis and definition of sources
  • Module 3 - The structure of financial debt
  • Module 4 - The concept of strategic lending

Seminar is designed for


  • Business owners
  • Executive managers
  • Employees in finance and accounting


  • Corporate, Micro sectors – account and relationship mangers
  • Risk management and credit analysis (Corporate, Micro sector)
  • Workout and Non-Performing Loans sectors

Information about the seminar

 Address: Maglajska 24, Belgrade

 Training duration: 09:00 - 16:00 

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