Dejan Maljković

Head of Risk Control Department
Raiffeisen bank, Belgrade

There is tradition in my family to scratch from nothing – moving several hundred kilometers away from birth place to work in the area no one else have ever worked before. Something inside of us does not let us to settle down at one place and one job. Respecting this heritage, in only 3-4 years after graduation, I managed to change five jobs, neither more nor less. I was statistician at the agency for marker survey; professor of informatics speaking with strange accent in high school in Belgrade; analyst enthusiast in post-fifth-october’s Ministry of finance; non smoker employee in British American Tobacco company; and ”our man” in the Office of Permanent Representative of the IMF in Belgrade.

And then, very strange circumstances led me to newly founded Credit Portfolio in Raiffeisen Bank. And, despite all expectations, this job has taken me and has not let go for ten years. Simply, there is no lack of dynamic here.

Implementation of Basel 2, step into IRB, intensive changes regarding regulatory reservations, implementation of standards in the area of value correction, as well as constant standoff with internal audit, external audit and supervisory audit, do not let this job of credit risk to become routine. On the contrary, almost as in medicine, you have to learn constantly; almost as in army, if you do not move forward you’ll be override; and almost as in comic books, if you plan to win, you must not lose.


Dejan Maljković graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade in 2002; Statistics and Informatics Department. He has been working in banking sector from 2005. Until 2009, he worked in Raiffeisen Bank and after that he spent three years in Societe Generale Bank but returned to Raiffeisen Bank as the Head of Risk Control in 2012.

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