29 Februar 2016

Educational program for SMEs

Valor Academy has designed training program that adresses the problem of SMEs limited access to finance because of the inconsistent quality of financial planning and management.

The program deals with financial planning and management in a broader sense, and covers all the important aspects of the world of finance. Also, the program gives to owners of small and medium companies suggestions on how to better explain their business activities and business needs to banks, and show that they have the creditworthiness which significantly increases the willingness of banks to provide financial support to their business.

Continuous training program "Financial Management for SMEs" is designed for employees of small and medium-sized companies involved in the process of making financial decisions and strategies and in cooperation with the financial market. Also, this program addresses the issues of availability and actual use of financial products and services through increased transparency and communication between the financial sector (banks) and small and medium companies.

 Learn more about the program HERE.

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