Importance of adequate performance appraisal of employees in order to maximize team’s performance

 "In business world of nowadays, in order to work effectively, efficiently and productively we need a wide range of skills and knowledge, and that range is constantly growing and becoming more complex. The most important moment of the training, in my opinion, is the one when participant becomes aware that the presented topic and presented material can be applied in different areas of life and work enviroment, and when he or she actually applies it.

 Awareness that it is possible to apply what we have learned, seen, heard, is factor of motivation that all of us need to find inside ourselves in order to create around us a harmonious, meaningful, confortable and correct platform that ourselves, our environment and our team leads to success". 

Marijana Tosev
Valor Akademija

About the seminar

The training provides to participants an insight into the importance of accurate appraisal of team’s human resources as well as those factors that have impact on appraisal’s results. Through discussion about the role of motivation and knowledge, as well as personal characteristics of managers and employees we will enter the way to explore the causes of some kinds of team dynamics and the role that manager has in this, as well as the possibility of changing these dynamics by managers’ timely and adequate responses in order to maximize team performance.


  • Module 1 - Managers roles from employee’s perspective and from manager's perspective
  • Module 2 - Objectivity and subjectivity of appraisal
  • Module 3 - How to communicate objectives to employees making them understandable
  • Module 4 - The role of adapted communication in delegating tasks
  • Module 5 - What are the benchmarks for team’s success
  • Module 6 – In what extant performance appraisal gives a realistic image about employees

Seminar is designed for

Training is designed for managers of all levels as well as employees who are interested in development in the field of performance appraisal and dynamics of all factors that influence the assessment.

Information about the seminar

Address: Maglajska 24, Belgrade

Training duration: 09:00 - 16:00



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