Lidija Barjaktarović

Head of MAS study programs Business Economics and Public Sector Management

I accept all projects and jobs because I enjoy challenges. I am not afraid of hard work (and there is plenty of it), I believe in team work of people engaged to make the same goal happen. My dream job is the one giving me enough freedom – and being professor gives me exactly that.
I find the people being most important in every relationship. I admire people who know precisely what they want and achieve their goals while being consistently human. My life philosophy is that “only the strongest survives and they never let go”!

Raiffeisen Bank stated in its journal that I am smiling, friendly person, team player and always elegant. Because I like working with people and offering the products of institutions I work for, I consider very important to have work related competencies that will provide me:
to answer timely on client’s demands followed by adequate advices because well served client is the best advertising for the company in which I work
to have proactive approach in new clients acquisition and offering new products to existing clients
to be well informed about  my employer’s clients
to be trustworthy for my employer’s clients
to achieve long-term cooperation with client whishing for client’s partners to become my employer’s partners

At the end, I would like to emphasize that the most important is to have willingness to solve the issues and to find the way of achieving goals.


Lidija Barjaktarović is Head of MAS study programs Business Economics and Public Sector Management at the Singidunum University in Belgrade. Also, she was on the position of vice-dean at the Business Faculty in Belgrade and was the Head of the Undergraduate Academic Studies in Business Economics from 2012 to 2015.

She is a Member of Chief Financial Officers Forum of Republic of Serbia.

She has ten years long successful banking career that had been started in 1998 in Jugobank Belgrade, continued in Societe Generale Yugoslav Bank Belgrade. She had been promoted as Head of Regional Branch Office for Central Serbia while working in Raiffeisen Bank in Belgrade. In 2005, she had been transferred to the Erste Bank Novi Sad where she had held the position as the Head of Corporate Business Division. In 2007, Erste Group named her to be the Member of Corporate Board and Corporate Working Group in the Erste Holding in Wien.

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