Marijana Tošev

HR Consultant and Trainer, Head of Education

"In business world of nowadays, in order to work effectively, efficiently and productively we need a wide range of skills and knowledge, and that range is constantly growing and becoming more complex. The most important moment of the training, in my opinion, is the one when participant becomes aware that the presented topic and presented material can be applied in different areas of life and work enviroment, and when he or she actually applies it.

 Awareness that it is possible to apply what we have learned, seen, heard, is factor of motivation that all of us need to find inside ourselves in order to create around us a harmonious, meaningful, confortable and correct platform that ourselves, our environment and our team leads to success". 


Marijana Tošev is psychologist, graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. She is trainer, HR consultant and CEB SHL certified user in Valor Academy and also she is head of Education Department. Previously, she spent 10 years as Manager of Training and Development Center, in Human Resources Sector in Vojvodjanska bank - NBG Group. Marijana covered field of personnel selection, as well as of employees training and development. She develops training programs which are characterized by high utility value and applicability in working environment. A large number of participants in her trainings are mid-level managers, as well as sales employees. 

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