Milan Ugren

Regional Retail manager
UniCredit Bank Serbia-Vojvodina Region

Key feature of modern trade environment is the velocity and complexity of its changes. The ability to follow all these changes becomes necessary but insufficient condition for successful functioning and development. Understanding of environmental factors, their mutual interference and influence they make on middle and law level management are imposed as the key elements of successful functioning in modern environment. Achieving yesterday’s KPIs does not guarantee success in the future because it is enough for one, apparently insignificant factor of external or internal environment, to be found out of focus and suddenly it becomes very rapidly key factor for understanding own position, expected performance and goal achievement.

In the modern bank, it is expected of Branch Manager to be: manager and operative, organizer and leader, seller and teller, motivator and a “shoulder to cry”, expert for demanding clients and expert for collection. All mentioned services are important, some of them are of the key role, but again none of them separately is sufficient for success. Can one person play all these roles in a quality manner? That is unlikely or probably possible but for a short time. Can one person be the best employee in all this segments in one Branch?  Again, that is unlikely or probably possible but for a short time. Can the head of the department understand which role is the most important for success in one period of time and to play it successfully? Sure he/she can – by monitoring and understanding the changes within dynamic environment as well as by applying optimally all disposable resources.

I am certain that preparation of employees and their constant education represents the key prerequisite for accepting the changes by managers. Their positive attitude and effective transfer of innovation to employees is a step toward the common success and goal achievement.


Milan Ugren graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Novi Sad in 2001. He has been working in banking sector for twelve years, from which he spent almost ten on managing positions. Over these years, he has been engaged in Retail working on cards, sale and business network management. He participated in the numerous retail projects as Project Manager or Member of Project Team.

Currently, he is the Head of Regional Retail in UniCredit Bank Serbia.

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