Milica Bjelić

Head of Advisory, Valor Group

Throughout my career as external auditor and advisor I have worked with companies of different sizes and from different industry branches which has given me experience and opportunity to get to know all kinds of businesses inside out. This experience demanded a wide variety of skills and knowledge that I gained and improved throughout the years, commitment to clients and their unique demands, professionalism and responsibility. On the other hand, a rising number of idustry regulatory requirements, frequent changes in legislation, growing demand for risk monitoring, questionable availability of resources, unstable economic environment, have demanded work proactivity and constant education and specialization providing me personal and business growth, that enabled me to recognize a client's problem and react in a timely manner by providing adequate solutions. There is a wide variety of signs that something is out of order. It only takes necessary knowledge to recognize them and react on time.

Constant education and professional experience were additional motivators for me to pass down these examples to my colleagues and external clients delivering trainings in the field of accounting, taxes and business finances.

Years of work experience consequently guided me also to role of advisor, trainer and auditor with my business moto being: Success won’t arrive on itself. You have to walk towards it.


Milica has postgraduate master's degree in economics and 20 years of work experience in fields of revision, business and financial consulting. She has spent 10 years in an International audit company, building a career as senior manager. As an authorized external and internal auditor she took part in many projects in field of financial statements audits, assessment of value, reorganization, financial restructuring, financial plans production, introduction of internal audit, preparation of financial statements for statutory requirements and internal reporting, due-diligence, accounting, tax consulting and others. In adittion to this, Milica possesses training experience at conferences, seminars and in-house trainings. She is author of a large number of expert comments in the field of accounting and business finance.

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