Nenad Antić


Money and brand count as the most important themes today among two extremely important functions of companies: human resources and marketing. Mutual interference of these two functions is something that inspires my work and poses the key question: what is the essence of modern business?
On our market and surrounding markets, money is often considered as the main motivator. Nevertheless, the importance of money as a motivator is the question that causes many disputes among theorists and managers. However, they all agree the following:

Money is not the only motivator
Money does not always have the role of motivator
Money is not a motivator to everyone
Money is mostly one among other important motivators
Wrongfully distributed or inadequate monetary compensation can be significant non-motivator

My opinion is that brand is not of the greatest importance for attracting and retaining the employees. There are several key factors for their attraction as well as special, systematic approach in working with employees that hold key position in companies. These are all the topics in my field of expertise that inspire my work, in order to answer the question: what is the essence of modern business.


Nenad had worked for over 15 years on managerial positions in domestic and multinational companies in the fields of marketing, strategy and human resources.
He had started his career in marketing and foreign trade in transport enterprise Lasta, hence in Societe Generale Bank in the field of communication, advertising and PR. He had continued his career in Telenor working in the areas of marketing, customer experience, market strategy, and at the end, in human resources. While working in HR department, he was responsible directly for more than 650 employees, with an emphasis on human resources development, restructuring and strategy. Today he runs marketing agency Control Creative as a partner. In his everyday business, Nenad works on programs regarding development, positioning and experience of brands, as well as on development of employees, strategic understanding and positioning of human resources in modern business. He worked for three years as lecturer within the program of World Bank and Serbian Chamber of Commerce in the field of trade, marketing and transportation in Southeast Europe that was attended by more than 800 people from three states.

He graduated in France. He holds MBA degree of Sheffield University in Great Britain. He works as a consultant for strategic marketing and human resources development.

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