Petar Tomić

Trainer and Consultant, Valor Academy

One of the advantages of working in developing banking sector during 2000s is the valuable opportunity to explore so many different fields that are usually covered by entire teams of experts in large and developed institutions. This enables you to choose the area to which you can contribute the most.

Financial management of housing projects was my first love. After the year 2000, the housing boom had begun in Serbia and especially in Belgrade, and I consider myself lucky to have taken part in this real estate expansion in Serbia through my work in bank. The construction industry operates on the principle of multiplication: it is closely connected with some other sectors and each dinar invested in construction industry has a multiple impact on gross domestic product.

But the construction industry is also a typical example of a cyclical industry: in periods of economic growth, it grows too, but at first signs of recession, demand falls as well as the number of employees.
While working on these projects, I have gained valuable insight into collateral management, so important in the time of crisis. Whether it comes to estimating collateral value, establishing a lien, or analyzing insurance policies, corporate and financial sectors should have the same goal: stable and predictable business environment and fair market competition.


In 2005, Petar Tomić graduated from Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. Petar has been working at Erste Bank for 10 years, building his career in the field of credit risk up to the position of Head of Cororate Risk management Division. After Erste bank he continued his carrier in Valor Academy Ltd, as trainer and consultant. He is an expert in the field of credit risk and an associate at PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers' International Association) member.

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