Retail Banking – the Role of Branch Manager

Continuing knowledge improvement on both individual and institutional level

This program represents comprehensive approach for improving skills and knowledge needed for conducting the function of Branch Manager. Various business background and level of education and experience of Branch Manager are the factors that impact the understanding of total activities and own role in corporate environment. They necessarily contribute to the quality of business results and the quality of performances.

The goal of this program is to increase the competences of participants to the next level applying comprehensive approach to the set of activities, all in the context of participants’ knowledge and understanding of total of business process. We discuss in details individual activities of Branch Manager in order to achieve high level of performances during everyday business.

Individual Goals of Continuing Education

Continuing education contributes to essential increase of the level of knowledge and skills of an individual, before all by presenting the role of Branch Manager and various empirical examples of daily activities.

Simultaneously, participants gain the knowledge and skills regarding the areas in which they are not specialized but that will provide different perspective, show new values and, at the end, will provide comprehensive approach to their own responsibilities.

Institutional Goals of Continuing Education

Key goal is to increase the level of awareness regarding the own role and understanding of environment in which Branch Manager is working. Achievement of leveraged level of knowledge and skills enables every day activates to be done simply and better. On the other hand, understanding of environment and complex assessment of available information represent prerequisite for increase of level of awareness regarding own contribution to common result and success in corporate system.

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