Stjepan Anić


We are in a kind of status quo, in which all the parties involved – from the owners and bank management to supervisors - persistently attempt to use standard methods to solve non-standard situations. Supervisors want the banks to increase their capital adequacy due to the growing risk they are exposed to because of the adverse economic trends, whereas politicians wish to encourage banks to give ‘braver’’ loans to enterprises, which are two quite opposing sets of objectives.

In most real life situations, the above-mentioned standard methods result in extension of the bank response time and reluctance to make necessary decisions, which indirectly leads to further payment delays and reduces the probability of clients' business survival, all at the cost.

Therefore, I believe that banks should assume a bit ''nonstandard'' approach in such a situation, and  take on an active role of financial advisors to their corporate and SME clients, and assist them not only in restructuring of their debts, but also enable them to restructure their entire business. It is no longer enough to present credit standards to clients, but it is necessary to visit them and try to understand the nature of the problem they face in everyday business, and attempt to identify, primarily in financial terms, both efficient and non-efficient segments of doing business.


Stjepan Anić deals with the issue of control and risk management in financial institutions, research and modeling in the field of financial risk assessment, measurement and monitoring, as well as within wider area of financial modeling. He has gained hands-on experience working for several years in business banks on the positions ranging from project manager to board member, through consulting engagements related to business process optimization, corporate governance, regulatory compliance and risk management in financial institutions in the region.

He is the president of the Risk Committee at Association of Banks at Croatian Chamber of Commerce. He is an expert in the field of risk management in financial institutions in the entire region and a lecturer with years of experience in the country and abroad

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