Valor Consulting

Our strategy is built around commitment to offer our clients the best possible combination of knowledge, innovative thinking and simplicity. Our highly motivated team provides comprehensive and practical solutions to your business challenges. Your success is our priority.

Valor Finance

In Valor Finance, we create synergy by integrating business model, financial planning and risk management. We commit ourselves to define and set short-term, operational goal, as well as strategic, long-term initiatives. By doing this, we enable our clients to anticipate and adequately manage business challenges. 

Valor Finance service

Financial Consulting

We offer our clients:

  • Practical advice on liquidity improvement, efficient collection management, optimization of inventory levels, adequate utilization of available sources of finance
  • Financial plan with cash flow projections
  • Tailor-made monitoring and reporting system
  • Continuous monitoring of financial indicators for both internal and external users

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Valor Finance service

Consulting Through Credit Application Process and Financial Monitoring

Our clients benefit from:

  • Adequate credit structure that corresponds to company’s business model
  • Efficient and clear communication with the bank
  • Optimization of borrowing costs in the long term
  • Monitoring of financial terms and conditions imposed by the bank
  • Active support in fulfilling conditions imposed by the bank

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Valor Finance service

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our clients benefit from:

  • Additional capital to finance growth and further development
  • Improved and more stable financial structure
  • Increased borrowing capacity
  • Increased return on investment

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Valor Finance service

Risk Management Implementation and Development

We offer our clients:

  • Risk management mechanism that enables client to identify, evaluate, quantify, control and monitor the risks
  • Assessment of client’s relationships with business partners from a risk management perspective (defining limits, collaterals, terms of cooperation)
  • Optimization of customer and supplier portfolios
  • Evaluation of company’s pricing strategy, considering the associated risks
  • Risk assessment from a strategic point of view

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Valor Finance service

Consulting for Real Estate in Credit Application Process

We offer our clients:

  • (Pre)assessment of undertaken and future investments
  • (Pre)assessment of the market viability of the project
  • Risk assessment: identification and rationalization
  • Adequate credit structure
  • Efficient and clear communication with a bank

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Valor Legal

We provide legal services aiming to help our clients understand how legal environment affects company’s operations. Legal risk may significantly affect not only company’s efficiency and profitability, but also its continuity. Therefore, legal risk management is essential component of one successful and stable company. 

Valor Tax

In today's business environment, tax issues play an important role in everyday operations. Frequent changes in tax regulations impose the need to constantly harmonize internal processes with the fiscal system, and thus indirectly affect the choice of business model and/or strategy. Our ultimate goal is to optimize client’s tax position, by taking advantage of existing and/or new opportunities and by mitigating the risks. Furthermore, this will insure time-and cost-efficient fulfillment of regulatory requirements.

Valor Creative

Valor Creative specializes in strategic marketing, brand development, communications and brand strategy. What differentiates us is commitment to the graphic and digital design. We pay special attention to creating unique and innovative solutions for our clients in the following areas:

  • Brand development and marketing strategy
  • Brand positioning and differentiation
  • Visual identity design
  • Book of standards preparation - creative and graphic standards of brand strategy implementation

About Valor Group

Valor Group represents innovative business model that integrates education, consulting and investment support.

Respecting the priniciples of clients’ discretion, our model is built on three pillars:

  • Education: Valor Academy 
  • Consulting: Valor Finance, Valor Legal, Valor Tax and Valor Creative
  • Investment venture: Valor Invest

Today, Valor Group operates in several countries in the Adria region, with strong tendency to spread wider and develop higher.

Valor Group is member of Veco Group, Swiss consulting firm based in Lugano ( With its international reference and 40 year long tradition, Veco is a synonym for quality and reliable service designed to meet client’s needs.

About Valor Academy

We provide professional education in the field of corporate banking and finance.

In Valor Academy, we always strive to meet clients’ specific requirements for new skills and knowledge and to create long-lasting partnerships. We achieve this by constantly improving and inovating our service.

Our clients are numerous financial institutions and companies from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Valor Academy program consists of wide spectrum of the most current topics, covering various financial and banking fields. High level of interactivity and combination of theory and practice with numerous case study analyses are the key features of this program.


About Valor Consulting

Valor Consulting is member of Valor Group. Our mission is to provide quality and comprehensive consulting support to corporate clients.

Core value of Valor Consulting is trustworthy, committed and transparent service. Our competitive advantage lies in high quality and dedicated approach to our clients.

Financial, Legal, Tax and Marketing consulting are the core segments of consulting support. This way, we integrate all the key business segments in order to clearly identify critical points for everyday operations and improvement of our clients.

Consulting team is consisted of experts with years of experience in banking and corporate sectors, both in institutional and small & medium enterprises segment. Such experience enables us to adjust our service completely to the needs of our clients.

About Valor Invest

Managing Investment ventures for our clients is what we do in Valor Invest.

Valor Invest provides adequate income-risk ratio for investors, always respecting the principles of professional portfolio management.

Our  professional references and know-how prove our expertise and competence to support investment planes of our clients and give them added value. We operate in Serbia and local,  Adria region.

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