15 November 2016

Valor Kup 2016 - Regional banking competition

Valor Kup will be organized from 28 November to 1 December at Hotel Majestic in Belgrade. Participants of this regional banking competition will run Cesim Bank simulation with the goal to develop business skills and to experience work in a competitive environment that is realistic but also liberated risk. The main idea is that people learn best by doing and applying and participants will be able to experience potential of business simulation used by modern financial institutions.

Through Cesim Bank simulation, participants will have the opportunity to gain knowledge of front and back office functions of the bank, as well as in-depth understanding of their interactions and connections and all that within a competitive business environment - markets. In this way, simulation of banking business contributes to creating a corporate culture that is based on a holistic approach - consideration of the organization as a whole.

 There are two prizes - for the best individual achievement and for the best bank. 



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