Vanja Đurica

Head of Operational and Other Specific Risks Unit
Erste Bank Serbia

A Challenge.

A growing number of regulatory requirements, frequent changes of processes and systems, externalization of many activities, critical processes, sophisticated risk assessment tools, complex methodologies, more extensive reporting, communication at all levels and in all directions, demanding decision-making, (un)available resources...  Maybe so many challenges inevitably entail multidisciplinary character of operational risk management. Because operational risk affects everything, it is expected to understand and address every operational risk category, which inevitably requires almost expert-level knowledge in all areas of business. Indeed, a challenge.

However, it is not something that cannot be solved. Why complicate things? The principle of proportionality, simple solutions based on risk assessment, clear rules concerning accountability and above all, education of all participants. Higher level of risk awareness contributes the most to an efficient management and results in smooth and efficient communication, which is the basis of everything. Simply because we have everything we need to achieve the goal.


In 1999, Vanja Đurica graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Novi Sad. She earned her post-graduate degree in banking and investments from European School of Economic, Italy in 2001.

For more than 10 years, Vanja has been working in the banking sector, in the field of risk management. She gained her first working experience in the field of credit risk management. She left the position of Head of Investment Placement Department to move to Workout Unit, where she managed bank’s "bad" assets portfolio for more than two years. From 2009, main areas of her professional engagement have been operational risk management, information security and business continuity. From 2011, she has been a Head of Department for Operational Risk and Other Specific Risks.

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