Vladimir Dobrić

Law office "Dobrić"

"Statistics show that not even 10% of restructuring has successful implementation – they do not manage to achieve planned percentage of settlement, in the planned time frame. Every bank, before making decision regarding restructuring, faces the decision whether to pronounce the credit matured before contractual maturity date. This can be very sensitive question both for the bank and debtor. In practice, in exceptional cases, some credits are considered matured no matter the legal foundation for such decision, which gives a reason for bank to be sued. This way, bank is the creditor and the debtor at the same time. In such occasions, it is very important to consider other options, for example advantages Syndicated loans as a solution for collecting receivables."


Vladimir Dobrić graduated in 1982 from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade. During his career he worked in banking, tax law and commercial law sector, particularly in  foreign investment, bankruptcy, privatisation. He has extensive experience in corporate and banking sectors. He is owner of law office "Dobrić".

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