Vladimir Mirković

Market Risk Senior Officer
Sberbank Srbija

Working in Risk Division helped me develop my analytical skills as well as to familiarize myself with the way the bank works. Banks as the part of financial sector, truthfully the largest and the most important part, are the reflection of economy system stability because knowing the relation between economy and its functioning from the one side and banking system from the other side, is the basis for successful economy management of every country.

In terms of devaluation of moral and social values, difficult economic situation and low life standard, there is not much space left for optimistic prognosis that we can consider to be based on reality. But, that does not mean that we cannot set things in motion by joined action of all relevant factors in Serbia. On the contrary, the one thing we have never lacked as a nation is knowledge and competence that combined with persistence and hard work can bring us success on all fields – both on personal and social.


Vladimir graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade in 2004. He earned his title of MA in economic science defending the thesis “Trade risks management analysis in banking sector of Serbia”.

He started his professional career as the financial analyst in broker-dealer companies Sinteza Invest Group and First Global Brokers. He has been working in banking sector since 2007. He worked in Corporate Risk Division and Trade Risk Division at Eurobank a.d. Currently, he is the Senior Associate in Market and Operational Risk Division in Sberbank a.d. Belgrade. 

He is involved in scientific research; he participates regularly in domestic and international conferences related to economy topics.

He is the Member of Society of Economists Belgrade.


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