Zoran Grković


"Since the launch of new version of Office tools in 2013, which is today used by over 300 million people, we have witnessed the creation of new trend – application of this tool in Business Intelligence surroundings. This concept more and more permeates our environment and should offer the answer to the question – how to process all the data entered in informational system and how to translate them into quality business decision. One of the solution, which will certainly change business processes in the filed of finance, risk, controlling and other areas related to reporting, is Excel. We all use it today but exploiting only several functions that it offers.

Considering that I have gained the largest portion of my professional experience in the field of risk, I am well aware of the importance of data manipulation and their translation into decision. It is us who analyze data which are kind of sensors, alerting the system about the risks from surroundings and pointing alternative solutions that can bring back the company on the right path. That is the reason why today’s tools are of such great value."


Zoran Grković post-graduated from the faculty of Economics, in the field of merging and acquisitions. In addition, he is the licensed broker. He participated as a member of project team on the biggest NICEF projects. Simultaneously with his regular career, he built a training career lecturing the topic “Operational application of advanced Excel tools” in the domain of finance. He is the consultant for implementation of Business Intelligence system. He has gained his experience in Agro bank, Raiffeisen and Pireus Bank and was a member of project teams which established new modular systems in the field of risk. Some of the most important are: Model for Interest Risk Management and Model for Foreign Currency Risk Management.

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